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New Textile Storage Solution doubles existing storage space

Hi-density shelving and racks for the Textile industry allows companies to store double the amount of inventory in half the space. Textile companies stores large rolls and samples. Storage space is always a challenge. By incorporating Gales Hi Density mobile aisle shelving, The fixed aisles are eliminated allowing for double the amount of shelving or rack rows in the same foot print. Built sturdy, Guaranteed for life to hold any weight load. The mobile aisle system doubles the exisitng square footage rent free.
 Hi Density storage of Textiles can be done with metal shelves, rack or wire chrome shelving. In many cases we can incorporate your exisiting shelving.

Double your storage with Gales High Density Shelving & Rack
Textile Samples Show Room NYC 10012
with Gales Bare Steel – Mat Finish Shelving 

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