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When it comes to Lifetime Warranties, Is it My Lifetime or Yours? Tenant Storage Lockers NYC 10003

Lifetime Warranties are they real?

When it comes to warranties I have learned to read the fine print, Recently the big guy bought me a company car that would average 40k miles per year in urban miles. We decided to go for the extra bumper to bumper warranty.
It even came with a free tow package, free oil changes and loner car.
 So for a brief few months I felt comfortable driving through Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan an Jersey until I broke down on the turnpike in Newark. it was explained to me on the phone call that free towing is not included on the turnpike. OK, so i move on, I had it towed to the dealer, I then asked to use the free loaner car promised, It was not available. Then hours later I was told our premium bumper to bumper warranty doesn’t include anything that moves. So Lifetime Warranties have become my pet peeve. When told I have a lifetime warranty now, i ask, Who’s lifetime mine or yours. Knowing I can only change what we control. I turned our Lifetime Warranties on our Tenant Storage Lockers, Security Cages, Wire Partitions, DEA Cages and Data Center cages into a real lifetime warranty. One call its done we resolve the problem Part or product replacement and our free labor to install it. Naturally the what ifs came out in the office when I set this in motion. The biggest is what if the manufacturer only warranties the product for a year or 5 years like most do. I don’t care Gales will replace it from our stock and take care of our customer.
 Most of the manufacturers rarely work NYC, They want no part of our challenging pace.
 Thankfully we have not had to replace any defective parts in any of our miles of projects. We have a well trained install crew (our own) that knows we want every job to be so good it gets us another job. And they do. Our installers are the best.
 A few years ago we sold a police department chairs for their dispachers, It came with a Lifetime Warranty. When one of the chairs failed the chief called me to tell me one broke. I called the manufacturer who promptly replied our warranty only covers use that has one shift per day. We sent the PD another chair and found a new supplier. Happy and Healthy New Years from Gales.
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