Top IT Cloud Certifications 2017

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Top IT Cloud Certifications 2017

These would be our top picks if we had to choose between a 2017 cloud certification for professionals and beginners.

What could be more exciting than having your cloud skills listed on your resume? To prove that you have cloud skills, consider adding a certification. The cloud is truly ubiquitous, and it touches almost all aspects of our technology experience. It’s safe to assume that this function will not be going away anytime soon.
We were overwhelmed by the number of certifications available. So we decided to pick one cloud certification for each stage in a person’s professional career. We don’t recommend these as the only ones to pursue, but they are a good place to start. Here are our top 3 cloud certifications of 2017.

For newbies: CompTIA Cloud Essentials
CompTia Cloud Essentials is a great entry-level certification that will help you jumpstart your career in the cloud. After completing this course, you will have a solid understanding about cloud technology from both a technical and a business perspective. This certification is an introduction. You won’t necessarily be able to deploy anything, but you will sound like the cloud expert among your non-technical colleagues.
Cost: $209Type: 50 questionsLength: 60 minVendor: CompTIA cloud Essentials

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – Mid-Level Pros
You might be wondering why we chose a vendor-specific cert for our next pick. Risky you say? We don’t think so. Let’s face the facts, Amazon AWS will not be going anywhere soon. Cisco recently shut down its cloud business, citing insufficient competition. We know that the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification has employer pull as well as salary security.
Cost: $150Questions: 50 QuestionsType: Multiple answer and multiple choice questionsLength 80 minutesVendor – AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional – For experts
We assume that you have already taken our advice and passed AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. As we said, AWS is not catching up to everyone. This cert and becoming an AWS expert will help you be at the top.
This test is not for the weakhearted. You will need to be able to understand everything, including network design, security, costing, and 5 other disciplines. Here is the breakdown. If you pass, you will join a small number of less than 20,000 people who have taken this exam around the world. Employers will find your candidacy attractive, which means that you will be more popular among the rest.
Cost: $300Type: Multiple answer and multiple choice questionsLength of 170 minutesVendor – AWS Certified Solutions Professional – Associate
Have fun learning!