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The Facts about Food Bourne Illnesses this Summer

As the Summer season approaches, more people are firing up their barbecues after a Sunday baseball game. They’re bringing the potato salad and some fresh fruit from the morning farmers market. However, the Summer season is also when food borne illnesses are the most prevalent. With a larger amount of meat being consumed, inevitably there is an increased chance that it will get people sick around the country.

Every year food borne pathogens sicken about 76 million Americans, hospitalize 325,000 and kill about 5,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The US F.D.A. has not significantly updated its laws in nearly 70 years, so it is your job to monitor what you are eating and how it is cooked. The F.D.A. also does not require food companies to test its different products for bacteria. Apparently, food inspections have decreased dramatically in the past few years, which have led to less than 50% of wholesale food distributor’s facilities actually being expected.

It’s unfortunate that many restaurants throughout the Southern California area are more susceptible to food borne illness lawsuits (not because of their cooking or storage practices), but simply because the poultry and seafood distributors aren’t operating safely or sanitarily. I provided a few suggestions below (that you might not have been aware of) and may secure your business throughout the busy Summer season and avoid any litigation against a potentially sick patron!