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Did you know that Santa is more than just a Santa Claus who brings Christmas gifts? He is also a great project manager. Learn Project Management Lessons from Santa himself.
As the days get shorter and the nights become more sparkling, and you find yourself hiding in sweaters, the best part of the year is here. The season of discounts, holidays, and sweets is here. It is impossible to talk about Christmas without Santa Clause. If we look at Santa through the lens of Project Management, it becomes clear that Santa is the best Project Manager and we can all learn a lot by him.
You might think, “For God’s sake, don’t talk to work while on vacation.” We know you are in vacation mood. But managing multiple tasks is not a new skill for project managers. According to MetLife, 42% of project managers find December the most stressful month of the year. Let us now show you how Santa, a great project manager, can help you make your New Year’s resolutions for work.
What makes Santa the best project manager?
Although we all know Santa isn’t real, he is a mythical, overworked project manager. Santa must follow the complex, traditional logistics network to ensure that every delivery is on-time. He must also motivate his large team, including reindeer and Elfs, and meet all wishes.
Let’s learn project management lessons from Santa, the best Project Manager in Christmas 2021!

Although this quality may have gone unnoticed by most people, it is one the most important and challenging qualities Santa has. It has made him an undisputed Christmas hero for many generations. His team must deliver gifts to millions upon millions of children around the world in just one night. This includes Christmas Eve through the sunrise. Imagine children waking up on Christmas morning without their Christmas gifts. This would be a project management disaster. Scheduling is an important part of Santa’s Christmas Project.
Team Management

Santa is a team player. He has a team consisting of reindeer and other elves. It is not an easy task to deliver so many Christmas gifts around the globe. His team is perfect at smooth coordination. He motivates his team and achieves all his goals, despite the stressful work. Santa and his team are a great example of how team management can make a difference.

A project manager’s ability to manage projects is one of the most critical aspects that can make or ruin their achievements. No matter what inflation rate or how high the cost of raw materials rises, Santa ensures that Christmas gifts are delivered on time. This makes him an indispensable budgeting wizard that every company needs.
Management of Stakeholders

Santa is a great example of how to manage stakeholders. His track record of success has earned him the trust of his stakeholders. Millions of people around the world believe that Santa can deliver Christmas gifts to everyone on time and within budget, regardless of any other disruptions. Santa’s success and his ability to manage stakeholders have made him the favorite project manager.
Crisis Management

Santa is undoubtedly a Crisis Management Expert. He has proven his ability to manage issues under pressure multiple times. Santa always arrives with Christmas gifts, regardless of whether it is snowstorm, earthquake or war. One of the most popular stories is that of Christmas Day in the early 1990’s, when Christmas Eve and Christmas celebration were almost cancelled due to severe weather. However, Santa managed to deliver all Christmas gifts with the help Rudolph, a red-nosed reindeer who was known as Santa’s guiding light.
Ho! Ho! Ho!!! Christmas Holidays
Santa Claus is the Ultimate Project Manager. These project management lessons will help you become a successful project manger, but you are not Santa. To be a great candidate for this job, you will need various Project Management Certifications. Santa cannot come and teach these lessons to project managers because of his 100% success rate. This job has been assigned to ProThough by Santa Claus.