PMP(r), Certification – Post Training Workshop Support. Why is it necessary? Prothoughts

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PMP(r), Certification – Post Training Workshop Support. Why is it necessary? Prothoughts

The following should be considered by every Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) who is looking for an institute that can help them get certified:
PMI(r), registered Institute to host the PMP(r), which will give 35 contact hours, as mandated by PMI (r).
Workshop participants will be provided with effective study material and can refer to it during the workshop.
How is training done?
What kind of support is offered after the workshop?

Each of these aspects is equally important. However, I will be focusing on the last aspect, Post Workshop Support.
Support should be available until the aspirant is certified, not just for a few weeks after the workshop.
Support should not be limited to email, phone calls, website information, or personal visits. All of these should be used depending on the nature of the support required.
Both educational and administrative support should be available.
The person providing support must be the trainer or someone qualified enough.
Support is required for the Application to PMI(r), mock Exams, and to assist the PMP(r-aspireant with any doubts/clarifications/ counselling, etc.

Support personnel must have gone through the entire process and passed the certification to be eligible for the last point. Only then can he or she be trusted. We found many professionals who attended the workshop, but never took the exam. Even though they originally planned to become certified, there is a large percentage of such people. There are a few common reasons why they didn’t complete the course to the logical conclusion.
I was never able to dedicate time to this.
There is so much to learn. The last time I read a book to prepare for the exam was a few years ago. I lost touch with my family.
It is not my cake.
The workshop was exactly what I needed.
It was possible, but I didn’t plan well.

…and many other reasons.
It seems to me that the reason is one: The professional is left to his own devices and is not given proper guidance or support. If you are serious about completing the PMP(r), certification, it is a long journey. Every aspirant must understand this.
ProThoughts keeps getting calls from candidates who have attended the workshop but wish to receive the Post Workshop Support. They end up paying a premium because they paid in two parts and were not able to benefit from the package.

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