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PMP Value Pack Program – One of the most sought after offerings for PMP – Prothoughts

The PMP Certification is a highly regarded certification. It is also associated with the fact that PMI drives the entire process, evaluates individuals before certifying them for PMP. To become certified, it requires commitment and effort. It tests all skills required to be a project manager. Although it is not easy to pass the exam, it is possible. It is not rocket science, but it is important to understand.
Aspirants to the PMP should focus on smart effort and not hard work. It is impossible to expect an elephant to climb trees or a fish fly. Every person has different strengths and you need to know how to use them to your advantage. ProThoughts Solutions offers the PMP Value Pack Program to help individuals make the most of their offerings and get the most value.
This is the key to the entire PMP process. 35 hours training is essential. You can be sure to pass the exam if you have completed this training. This program combines the best of both worlds: Online and Offline Training options. This opportunity offers flexibility and interactive learning.
ProThoughts Solutions offers PMP training in all three forms:
Live Classroom Training
Live Online Training
Online Self-Paced Trainings

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The Value Pack program offers the best of all three options. You will have the opportunity to register for any of our live online training sessions. The recordings will also be available after the sessions, so you can review them later. Based on the feedback of the candidates and our own experience, we concluded that Self-Paced learning is flexible but not interactive. The interactive, live classroom trainings are preferred over both the online and live Self-Paced option. Value Pack offers the opportunity to attend live online sessions and have recorded sessions to review it later. This could be a blessing for PMP aspirants.
We can look at it this way: The PMP aspirant attends live online sessions, which starts the preparation. They can then attend classroom trainings 1-3 months later to clarify or revise their queries. This prepares the PMP candidate for PMP with more confidence.

Other parts of the package include Rita Mulcahy study material, mock exams, ELearning Portal access with supporting material, post workshop support, etc. These are also valuable add-ons.
Our PMP trainers work full-time for us, not as freelancers. They will be there to help you every step of the way until you are certified. This package also includes personalized support. He will work with you to complete your application and ensure that it is approved by PMI. He will also provide any educational support you may need as you prepare for the exam. This is important as the mock exam scores and self-study will determine if you are ready for the exam. You can work with him to identify any gaps and address them.

This Value Pack Offer offers the following benefits to PMP aspirants:
Value for money
Highly effective value delivery across value streams
PMP aspirants can prepare for the PMP better
Smart Preparation helps you crack the PMP exam with less effort
Confidence in exam preparation
Revision with ProThoughts in class
The best of both worlds: Flexibility online and more interactive offline
Passing the exam in one attempt
Halfway through, there is a lower chance of dropping out than the other half.
Reliable and credible
This combination is rare worldwide and could be a huge advantage for any PMP aspirant. ProThoughts has just launched this initiative with the goal of providing more value to their customers. This will help ensure that our customers are happy and provide us with good feedback.
We welcome any suggestions or additional recommendations. We are happy to help you if you have any suggestions or suggestions.
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