PMP Exam Changes December 2020

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PMP Exam Changes December 2020

The Update
Project managers need to have more skills and different approaches to deliver results and value to their organizations than ever before. The future-proof PMP(r), exam has arrived with the content to ensure that our credential is relevant to project management practitioners’ methods of working. The new PMP exam will be available in January 2021.
More ways to deliver outcomes.
Domains that are aligned with real-life practice. The number of domains will decrease from five to three, which includes People, Process, Business Environment. Specific project management approaches won’t be applicable to specific domains, but will be included throughout the exam.

The following table shows the percentage of questions from each domain that will be asked on the examination.
Half of the examination will be about project management methods that are predictive, and half will be about agile or hybrid approaches.

PMI recognizes the importance of supporting chapters in transforming their content to help them prepare for this exam. This includes a revisedExam Content Outline. ProThoughts will provide ongoing updates and additional information to assist you in this journey. This includes new resources to help align existing material around the new exam and to identify gaps in content development.
Why is the Exam changing?
PMI updates the PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), in accordance with current best practices and proven methods for project management. PMI strives to align best practices with current trends in Project Management. This new change is also meant to align with current trends in project management.
How is the new change decided and incorporated into the existing system?
Project management experts and practitioners from all over the globe contribute to the development of best practices and suggest improvements. These are then compiled by a governing body, and the changes are approved. This research will result in the publication of a new PMP exam outline in December 2020. In January 2021, this new outline will lead into an updated PMP exam.
Is ThePMBOK(r), Guide Changing?
According to the information we have, it will not be until Fall 2021. The exam will still be based on PMBoK 6th Edition, the current edition. The exam structure and content may change. PMI will soon update the details and ProThoughts for their participants will immediately update.
The PMBOK(r), GuideSixth Edition is still relevant after 1 July 2020.
I am studying for the PMP Exam. What does all this mean for me?
We recommend you to take the exam before December changes.
If you are planning to take the PMP exam before December 30, 2020,
Get started on your preparations as soon as possible.
Register for your 35 contact hours with a global REP
Use the current study plan, e.g. ProThoughts Study Materials & Plan
You should schedule your exam by December 30, 2020. With the new Pearson Test Centers, there will be more options and you can have more slots.
For more details, talk with our counselor – drop a mail to [email protected]

If you are planning to take the PMP exam after January 1, 2021,
You can check out the new exam content that PMI and ProThoughts will publish i.
Learn the new exam content.
Contact your Global REP for any questions and to learn more about the exam. What additional preparation is required?
Assess when the new material will be available and when you can appear for it.
Plan accordingly
Attend the training and pass the exam after January 1, 2021

When should I appear for the exam?
We recommend it before January 1, 2021
We know how to pass the exam using the current pattern and content. We are experts in the best exam strategy and testimonials to ensure a great result. The October2020 batch is the latest you can aim for, but the window of opportunity is shrinking every day. We recommend that you start as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the better.
Our Analysis
PMI released the Exam Outline for the PMP certification exam Friday, June 28th. This will have an impact on PMP exams starting in January 2020 and beyond. This is the exam structure and it has an impact on everyone preparing for it, as well as how our instructors train and partner. Although the 6thedition PMBOK is still the primary reference for exam questions, it is not the only one.
ProThoughts is currently analyzing the new exam content outline. This will take a while as:
The changes are t