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Are you on the road to becoming a Blue Prism Developer? Do you need a last-minute revision? You have come to the right place. This cheat sheet will give you all the information and resources that you need to pass the Blue Prism Exam. The exam is designed to test the developer’s knowledge of the Blue Prism functionality and concepts. This certification will allow you to show your skills to your superiors and gain promotion in your career. This certification will enhance your professional credibility as well as your skills and knowledge.
Let’s start with the cheat sheet. We will then cover the essential requirements of the exam.
Blue Prism Developer Exam (AD01),: Basic Requirements
The Blue Prism Developer Exam (AD01), tests the developer’s knowledge of various development concepts. You must pass certain exams before you can become certified. To prepare for the Developer Certification exam, you must complete the Developer Foundation Training. It is important to review and comprehend the learning objects found on the Blue Prism Learning Management System. This can be done within the ‘Blue Prism Developer Certificate AD01’ Learning Plan.
Blue Prism Developer Mandatory Training
Credential Manager and Credential Manager
Advanced Data Items
Attribute Matching
Advanced Exception Handling Guide
Advanced Work Queues Guide
Blue Prism Process Delivery Roadmap for Lifecycle Orientation
Best Practices in Development
Solution Design Overview
Guide to Object Design
Guide to Process Creation
Environment and Session Variables
Guide to Send Keys and Send Events
Run Mode Guide
Use the Study Guide to prepare for the Blue Prism Certified Developer (AD01 exam) exam!
The next section will discuss the resources available to you in order to pass the blue prism exam, and become a certified developer.
Certified Blue Prism Developer (AD01) Cheat Sheet
It is essential that you have all the resources you need to be able to revise better. For blue prism exam, you will find resources and links below that will help you quickly understand the concepts and clear any doubts. Let’s get started.
Understanding the Exam Concepts
This cheat will give you a quick overview of the things you know. Exam objectives are a good place to start for the blue prism developers exam. Exam objectives are important because they will help you focus and eliminate any confusion. Below are the most important topics for the Blue Prism Certified Developer exam (AD01). These topics include:
Firstly, understanding the native functions of Blue Prism and how to apply them.
Date Functions: DateAdd() FormatDate() MakeDate() Today() (Reference to:DateDiff).
Environment Functions – IsStoprequested()
Text Functions: Concatenate() EndsWith() Left() Len() right() StartsWith() Trim()
Datatypes: datatypes that can be used to cast data from one type to another using a calculation stage. (Reference:Data Types)
Debugging: Stepping in, stepping away, to breakpoints. What happens when exceptions are thrown when you step over or step out of subpages?
The Environment and session variables are now available: how to use them, when they can be modified, where they were created, how they can be amended, and how they are assigned. (Refer to:Change an environment variable during runtime.
Handling exceptions: Throwing exceptions and correct usage of recover, resume stages. Detail, exception types, and how to preserve detail. Proper use of blocks. (Reference:Exception Handling)
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The process flows through the decision, choice, and sub-steps.