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Are you interested in Blockchain Technology and its applications? Are you interested in becoming a Certified Blockchain Architect, but don’t know how to get there? You are in the right place, don’t worry. With its extensive learning resources, this study guide will help you get the best direction for your preparations. You also get practice tests to help you evaluate and assess your self! It’s a wealth of information that explains the steps required to earn this credential. Before you begin your journey towards the exam, let’s take a look at the details of the exam.
TheCertified Blockchain Architectcertification will demonstrate your expertise in the blockchain domain, along with creating a huge base of prospective high paying jobs. This certification will give you the ability to make informed decisions about several blockchain projects. You will be able to create the structure and guidelines for the blockchain system in a professional manner, meeting the requirements. You will be able to design and build Blockchain-based solutions for businesses and enterprises as a Certified Blockchain Architect.
Certification Benefits
Candidates who take the Certified Blockchain Architect certification enjoy the following benefits:
Understanding the Blockchain system and its architecture is the first step.
Next, you will need to apply your skills to various Blockchain applications.
Also, building your own Blockchain enterprise
Further, prove your skills and understanding in the Blockchain domain
Target Audience: Certified Blockchain Architect
This certification is for professionals in Retail, eCommerce and Banks as well as Telecom, FMCG, Manufacturing, and other domains. The top job functions of a Certified Blockchain Architect include-
Software Architect
Software Developer
Then, Blockchain Expert
Also, Entrepreneurs
Devops and Network Engineer are also available.
Preparation Guide-Certified Blockchain Architecture Exam
How well you do in the exam will depend on how prepared you are. You need to select the right resources for your type and level of understanding to pass the exam. There are many resources available to help you prepare for the Certified Blockchain Architect exam. This study guide will highlight some of the most recommended resources. It also outlines the steps you need to take to pass the exam.
Step 1: Review the Objectives of the Exam for Certified Blockchain Architect
A closer look at each domain of the Certified Blockchain Architect exam may give you a better idea of the exam’s aspirations. Visit the Official Site of Blockchain Council to review the exam concepts. Candidates must learn the objectives. If they know what exam they are interested in, it will be easier to prepare.
Domain 1- Implement product information management (25-20%) : This domain covers the concepts of creating and managing products. Configuring products for supply chain management is the next step. Also, manage inventory pricing and costing
Domain 2- Implement inventory management (20-25%): This domain includes configuring inventory management. This domain also includes managing and processing inventory activities.
Domain 3: Implement and manage supply chain processes (25-30%) This domain includes sourcing and procurement. Implementing common sales and marketing features. Implementing advanced sales features and marketing features
Domain 4: Implement warehouse management and transport management and perform business processes (25-30%). This domain covers the configuration of warehouse management. Next, perform warehouse management processes. Finally, implement transportation management and business processes
Step 2: Explore Instructor-Led Training
Instructor-Led Training for Certified Blockchain Architect(tm).
The Blockchain Council has designated